December 5, 2023
15:00-16:00 GMT/UTC

Child Life in a Suitcase: How to Prepare and Provide Psychosocial Care for Surgical Programs

Suzan Watkinson, CCLS
Azusa Pacific University, Department of Psychology, Master of Science in Child Life

This webinar will address how Child Life Specialists provide support for Operation Smile Surgical Programs. First, we will explore what to pack and how to set up a playroom for an international program. Second, we will discuss how to provide preparation and support to each child and family receiving surgery. Finally, we will review tips for psychosocial care providers working as part of the medical team, along with interpreters, staff, and local volunteers.

January 23, 2024
15:00-16:00 GMT/UTC

The Utilization of the Buccal Fat Pad Flap in Cleft Palate Surgery

Steven R. Buchman, MD
University of Michigan Medical School

During this live event, Dr. Buchman will introduce the Buccal Fat Pad Flap to the audience and demonstrate its use in facilitating improved outcomes in cleft palate surgery. Anatomy, technical aspects of harvest and inset, as well as philosophy of use will be covered. The history of alternative adjuncts of cleft palate surgery will be explored and rationale for the superiority of the buccal fat pad flap will be discussed.