Cleft Surgery Workforce in Bolivia- A/V Abstract

Audiovisual Abstract presented by:

Maria Fernanda Tapia M.D, Global Surgical Fellow, Operation Smile.

Cleft Surgery Workforce in Bolivia

The significant contribution of orofacial clefts to DALYs can be averted with timely interventions by cleft surgeons. Cleft lip and/or palate (CLP) prevalence varies between
1-in-1000 live births in high-income countries and 1-in-730 in low- and middle-income countries. The highest reported prevalence of cleft disease worldwide is in Bolivia, up to 1-in373 in certain regions. The burden of cleft disease is amplified by the fact that there are only 120 plastic surgeons and 10 cleft specialists that practice in Bolivia, all internationally trained due to the lack of a Bolivian program.


  1. MF Tapia M.D.
  2. A Bustamante M.D.,
  3. ZJ Collier M.D.,
  4. CA Yao M.D. M.S.,
  5. C Dorado M.D.,
  6. G Guachalla M.D.