The Use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) to Make Bone Tissue Engineering for Cleft Patients: A Multicenter Study

To reduce morbidity and pain to cleft lip and palate patients, new approaches have been developed to promote the alveolar cleft bone filling using a bone tissue engineering kit (composed of autogenous deciduous dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells associated with a biomaterial). In our research in a Brazilian multicenter study, we compared the bone formation results obtained after the secondary alveolar graft using the Bone tissue Engineering Kit with the use of iliac crest bone ( NCT01932164).

Our results showed that the use of bone tissue engineering kit was as effective as the use of iliac crest to promote the alveolar cleft closure. However, in the group of Cleft lip and palate patients that we used the bone tissue engineering kit we observed lower: morbidity, pain, time of surgeries and time of hospitalization with statistically significant difference between the groups and this can generate great social gain for patients and families, which cannot be priced. This research won the prize of top scoring SCA Region Abstract during the International Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT) congress, San Francisco, California in 2022.

Lecturer: Daniela Franco Bueno, DDS, MSc, PhD, Professor and Scientist Researcher at Albert Einstein Jewish Institute for Health Sciences, School of Dentistry, São Paulo, Brazil