A Comprehensive Discussion on the Findings and Impact of Genetic Research in Madagascar on Cleft Risk in African and Asian Ancestral Populations – A/V Abstract

This presentation provides a simplified look at the findings and impact of the International Family Study’s research using Malagasy familial trio data to identify potential cleft variants. This work also begins to explore the impact of these variants and how they can influence cleft risk in certain ancestral populations.
Presented by: Devin Feigelson, International Family Study 

Devin Feigelson is the Project Manager for the International Family Study at Operation Smile. She completed her Bachelor of Science at Brandeis University with a double major in Psychology and Health: Science, Society, & Policy, receiving honors, and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Health in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at Johns Hopkins. Before joining Operation Smile, Devin spent a summer in Madagascar exploring traditional medicine and health care systems and travelled to Honduras to work with local communities in implementing sustainable public health interventions. She is passionate about combining modern scientific methods with cultural understanding and international collaboration to implement sustainable, effective health interventions that can reduce global health disparities.